Underwater Cutting and Welding Laboratory

The underwater welding and cutting studies were launched in 1978. The laboratory has a swimming pool (5 x 4.5 x 7 m), auditorium, wet area, machinery, equipment and research facilities for:

  1. Development of technologies for underwater cutting and welding of metals;
  2. Manufacture and implementation of equipment and technologies for underwater welding processes;
  3. Establishment of a divers training center for underwater works with specialized welding equipment.

Since than It has valuable achievements in scientific research and applied activities in floating structures, hydro constructions and Bulgarian energetic. Collaboration was established with a lot of companies such as: ,, Diver1”- Vidin; ,,Hydroremont”- Varna; ,,Odesos” shipyard- Varna; ,,Bulyard shipbuilding industry”; ,,Dams and cascades”- Sofia, etc.

Activities planned:

The planned activities for the modernization of the Laboratory of underwater cutting and welding are directed to its upgrade with modern technical facilities for achieving its main goal – introduction of new underwater technologies for repairing of various in-kind facilities and equipment.

It is foreseen the purchase of specialized equipment and tools for carrying out of experimental works before the introduction of different technologies, equipment and materials for underwater cutting and welding into practice.

The users of the Laboratory of underwater cutting and welding will be:

  • organizations and companies carrying out underwater activities;
  • shipbuilding and ship-repair companies;
  • divers’ training companies;

The laboratory services will be open to stakeholders in Bulgaria and abroad.

Considerable renovation of an existing scientific research infrastructure, which qualitatively improves its functional characteristics.