Research Submersible PC-8B (owned by IO-BAS) has operated since 1987. Main characteristics are: Operating depth – up to 250 m; Deadweight – 5t; Length – 6,5 m; Crew – 2+1; Range of underwater cruise – 5 n miles; Endurance underwater – 5 hours; Scientific equipment – photo-camera, video-camera, manipulator, sampling devices.

PC-8B is the only Bulgarian (and in the Black Sea) manned research submersible which allows scientists to observe directly sea floor and underwater objects. She has been used by marine geologist and underwater archaeologists for their scientific investigations as well as in maritime search operations.

It is unique for Black Sea and is included in European ESFRI project EUROFLEETS. The vehicle should be re-equipped with new live support system and new scientific instruments.

Activities planned:

Considerable renovation of an existing scientific research infrastructure, which qualitatively improves its functional characteristics.