Laboratory of Marine Biology and Ecology

Laboratory activities are mainly focused in studying the biodiversity of the Black Sea at species, habitat and ecosystem levels, including functional and trophic interactions between organisms. The laboratory is equipped with the technical means and equipment for conducting studies related to the ecology and biology of the species. Here, primarily chlorophyll a, plankton (phyto- and zooplankton), benthic (macrophyto- and macrozoobenthos) and ichthyological samples processing are performed. The biosciences division focuses on the species/taxonomic identification using precise microscope technique (Inverted Microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti, image analysis NIS-Elements; Stereo microscope NIKON, SMZ 170 and etc.).

Laboratory analysis are conducted to determine basic biological parameters – population age-size structure, growth rate, sexual maturity, fertility rate and food diet spectrum assessment. Models for determining fish stocks are applied.

The analyzes are carried out in relation to:

  1. implementation of the national monitoring for the assessment of the ecological status of the marine waters in accordance with the Water Framework Directive;
  2. assessment of the status of the marine environment, according to the requirements of the MSFD on Descriptors 1,4,6 – Benthic Habitats, Pelagic habitats, Marine mammals, Fish, Food webs, Sea floor integrity, Descriptor 2 (Non-indigenous species), Descriptor 3 (Commercial fish and shellfish), Descriptor 5 (Eutrophication);
  3. long-term changes in the communities structure as a result of anthropogenic activities, including global climate change;

development of indicators and classification systems for the biological elements of quality in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000 / EU / 60; e) development of criteria, indicators and targets for achieving good status of the marine environment in the sense of MSFD.

Activities planned:

Considerable renovation of an existing scientific research infrastructure, which qualitatively improves its functional characteristics.