High-performance computer cluster

The computational power installed by the MASRI partners is far from sufficient to solve computer modeling, forecasting and simulation tasks. This requires the establishment and efficient use of shared computing resources.

Expansion of the existing BSHC computing center to a high-performance computer cluster for virtual modeling, prototyping, forecasting and simulations.
The aim is to improve the ability to solve time and labor-consuming hydrodynamic and design problems using computational hydrodynamics (CFD), as well as the creation of virtual walk-through models, simulating ships, marine structures and other non-standard waterborne facilities and operations in real sea conditions as well as modeling and forecasting of marine environment.
Expansion includes building a computer cluster, acquiring the relevant software and tools for creating virtual reality.
In addition to serving the infrastructure partners, the virtual modeling cluster will be used to develop virtual prototypes of newly designed seagoing vessels and facilities, training students and cadets, enhancing the qualifications of employees in the merchant and naval fleet, preparing special teams to respond to marine incidents, to create object-oriented training simulators for navigation on sea and inland waterways and other issues related to the development and exploitation of marine objects and structures.

Creating a new scientific infrastructure that has not been available so far.