Diagnostics of Ship Structures and Equipment Laboratory

Up to now, the existing laboratory structure of “High Technology Park – TU-Varna”, working in the field of diagnostics of machines and constructions, has extensive research experience in its cooperation with companies and organizations working in the field of shipbuilding, ship repair and water transport. The existing laboratory has technological equipment and measurement instrumentation to carry out a wide range of research tasks:

  • Static and dynamic linear and non-linear analysis of structures using the FEA method;
  • Experimental study of the static and dynamic stressed and deformed condition of machines and equipment as well as the noise radiated in the environment during the machinery operation;
  • Vibration control and diagnostics of machines and equipment;
  • Development of technical solutions for improving the vibration condition of machines and equipment, reducing the noise impact, ensuring reliable and environmentally friendly operation.

The planned activities of the Laboratory “Diagnostics of Ship Structures and Equipment” are related to a significant renovation of the scientific infrastructure, which will enhance the quality of its research related to the diagnostics of ship and marine structures and equipment and their reliable and environmentally friendly operation.
It is planned to upgrade the existing laboratory structure with the most advanced diagnostic systems and software for noise, vibration and reliable operation of ship structures and equipment. One of the main directions in the planned activity of the scientific infrastructure is the assessment of the impact of vibrations and noise emitted by the ship’s equipment on human and the environment.

It is envisaged that the end users of the scientific infrastructure – laboratory “Diagnostics of Ship Structures and Equipment” will be companies from the shipbuilding and ship repair industry, companies and design offices for ships and marine equipment as well as research organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.

Creating a new scientific infrastructure that has not been available so far.