Vessel for underwater research and technological operations

The implementation of the project will ensure the construction of a boat for maritime surveys and underwater technological operations.

Activities planned:

The vessel will carry out the next activities:

  • Experimental research activities in the area of marine and underwater technology, in support of marine science and technology in the near-shore area of the sea;
  • Testing newly developed and modernized maritime technologies and items of marine machinery, oceanographic instruments, etc.;
  • Conducting and support for maritime technological operations: diving-related underwater technical activities In the marine industry, for construction and repair works for hydrotechnical facilities and underwater oil carrying pipelines, inspection activities for underwater facilities, etc.
  • Educational and qualification practical activities at sea, conducting safe and effective training dives in the course of hands-on training for cadets and students;
  • hands-on sessions in seamanship and for the primary degree in maneuvering and navigation, „ship-to-ship” and „ship-to-shore” radio communication procedures, hands-on training in radar observation of surface targets from the board of the vessel.

Considerable renovation of an existing scientific research infrastructure, which qualitatively improves its functional characteristics.